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Is it worth a 100 rebate? nope.

So call the Centro what it really is...a 199 dollar Treo + MicroSDcard (say 40-50 dollars). My gosh, i think the 755p was selling that low a few months back. I think whoever invented the MIR needs to burn in he*&^* anyways..lol
When I ordered my 755 the sales person said to keep the 25.00 data plan until I got the rebate. I didnt make any changes to my plan until I had the phone for two months. Since I was going to have the 15.00 vision plan anyway, I was still ahead 80.00.At the time I think the pack had unlimited downloads, but very few ringers and what not fron their site work with the Treo. I'm not interested in the music or TV, and the gps isnt compatible with Treo, so none of the packs add anything for me. Had the gps worked, tho, I may have kept that powerpack.