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    Does anyone have suggestions on a good, inexpensive software that will allow me to create Word type documents then save and send as attachment in email? Trying to create inexpensive way to communicate while on road with my new bluetooth keyboard.
    Thanks, I can't find any threads or posts. Ads in software won't be as informative as your advice
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    click the documents icon on your phone
    HTC Touch Pro
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    There is already a Word compatible processor on your phone. It is version 8 The spellcheck does not work and it cannot read Office 2007.

    I just updated to the full version 10 yesterday for $29.99. I needed the spellcheck and office 2007 compatibility. It also has excel and power point.

    In the past, I just settled for version 8 and put my card into the USB thingy and then into the computer at th library, checked the spelling on office 2003, and then printed there.

    Now that I have office 2007 on my computer and internet through PdaNet at home I had to update.

    I also have a bluetooth keyboard. I'm currently using Arco "Typing and Keyboarding for Everyone" to work on my keyboarding skills With Documents to Go and my folding keyboard. It's a really good book.
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    The "other" applications competing with Documents to Go are Quick Office ( and MobiSystems "Office Suite," ( QuickOffice did not open two of my spread sheets; DTG (I am running V9) and MobiSystems do. I have licenses for DTG & MobiSystems and use DTG the vast majority of the time due to MobiSystems inability to keep up with the fingers.


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