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    This is part of what Palm could/should have done, without having to modify the whole OS.

    These pictures are from the new , which is drawing rave reviews due to its eye candy in the main.

    This is the default screen.

    This is with the new plug-in, which makes the device a lot more consumer-attractive without reducing the abilities of the platform, or making major changes to the OS.

    Here's a video of the new home screen.

    It probably only took a handful of engineers a few months to make this, well within Palm's reach. Not doing something like this in the face of the iPhone challenge is just lazy. I suspect the buyers of the Centro are just the usual suspects, and mainly upgraders, whereas Palm needs to grab brand new customers. They are really not trying hard enough.

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    Ultimate Phone tries to do a few things as a nice skin. It succeeds in some things but not in others. With all the launchers and such out there, why hasn't some 3rd party tried to do something slick with a skin by now?
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    I think even if Palm just bundled a few 3rd party custom skins and launchers it would be enough. Instead they are not doing anything at all.

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