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    Version 1.15 has been reposted. I installed it on my 680 and all seems well.
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    why, what was wrong? and what did they fix? When I looked a few days ago and they didn't have any release notes on it and 1.14 version is working fine, so I am hesitant to do anything.
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    Here's the notes for this release:

    Softick Audio Gateway 1.15 has improved stability and resolve number of small issues. It has improved support for Palm Treo 680 and Palm Treo 755 smartphones. The following problems were resolved:

    * Rare crash on connect and disconnect
    * Sometimes smartphone freezes when headset is out of range
    * AVRCP profile is improved again

    Softick Audio Gateway 1.15 has passed Designed for Palm Products tests for Palm Treo 650 and Treo 755 smartphones. This update is free for all registered users.
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    Visor Deluxe->Visor Edge (Upgraded for $100.00 just by giving them the Serial # of my Visor Deluxe plus I got to keep the Deluxe. Those were the days!)-> Palm M-505->M-515->Tungsten T->Zire 72->Treo 650->->Treo 700P->Treo 755P. Plus various replacements. 8130 Pearl....Sorry

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