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    Gang, I've been on this forum for years, and I can't say how helpful the advice has been. Here's my latest concern:

    I haven't ever upgraded with a MR, so I'm still on the default 1.06 firmware. Ordinarily, I'd just install the latest & greatest MR, as it seems that folks are liking it. However, I'm a GOOD messaging user, and I noticed that the install instructions for me are a bit more complex.

    Again, I'm fine with that if it comes to it, but here's the real question: Is the MR worth it to me to go through all these hoops to install? My only real issue with the 700p is the lag crap. Does this MR address the LAG issues? I really haven't seen that discussed much. Yes, my bluetoooth is a bit spotty, but I can live with that. If this MR doesn't address the lag issue, then I really don't wan to bother with the install.

    (By "lag", I mean the random freezes of the 700p in most applications that can last from 2-10 seconds).

    Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I've actually experienced MORE freezes after I installed the MR. Prior to the MR I was one of those who rarely got any freezes, and when I did it could specially attributed to the transitory loss of network and/or phone signal. These new freezes don't bother me personally, but to each his own.
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    I did not do it, and will not do it!
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    Wow, I'm glad I posted this. Sounds like I'll just hold off too....until I switch to a freakin' BB, which I DON'T want to do, but think is inevitable.

    Damn, I hate my 700p.
    Damn, I love my 700p.

    Sucks being schizo phone owner.

    Thanks all,


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