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    First of all, please know that I am quite new to the Treo lineup after receiving a Treo 650 this week. Please also note that I am quite experienced with other Palm handhelds.

    Now my question - the Treo 650 came with a brand new battery that I charged to full... do I need to let it drain to a low level before charging again the second time (conditioning?) or can I go ahead and practice my normal charging routine of topping off each night?


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    Lithium Ion batteries, such as the battery in your Treo, generally don't need conditioning. Sometimes, the battery gauge can become uncalibrated. To calibrate, simply hit the reset pin while your treo is plugged in.

    A general rule to increase the life of a LiOn battery is to "keep it cool." Here are a few others:
    - Never allow the battery to discharge to a point where the unit won't operate. This could trigger the battery's internal circuit breaker, permanently rendering the battery useless.
    - Store with a 40% charge and place in refrigerator in a ziploc bag with silica gel packet (to prevent condensation on the battery).
    - When charging or using the battery, do not allow the battery temp. to exceed 140 degrees F. 150F or higher is a fire hazard.

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    Whether these instructions would apply to the stock battery supplied with the 755P (or any Treo), I do not know. . . . but these are the instructions I received with my LION Battery 2400 mAh for my Treo 650:

    Fully drain (to 5%?) and charge the battery 3 to 5 times to fully set the battery's chemistry for best power and then keep it "topped off" as often as possible thereafter for longevity. I followed those instructions and that 2400 mAh gave me great service. I have also used this procedure on my Seidio 2100 mAh for the 755p and am very pleased with the service that I am getting so far.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry that it took so long to say thanks!

    I just purchased a Seidio 2400 mAh battery to install to my Treo 650. I will definitely try the discharge/charge procedure over 5 times to break it in, however I have one quick question or two:

    A small piece of paper that came with it says to charge it about 8 hours before inserting it into the phone. I don't have any sort of external charger for the battery. May I just install it to the Treo and charge it for 8 hours? Also, does the LED work properly with the larger capacity batteries? IE, orange/red when charging and green when finished?

    Thanks in advance!

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