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    I'm writing this email on behalf of my hubby. On Wed we were at a dr's appt together and while in the waiting room he got a text message supposively from AT&T with a number that is not ours saying that with that number the internet usage has been exceeded. I mentioned that it sounds bogus and it's probably a hacker. My hubby text messaged the person with the number listed and told them that their account usage for internet was exceeded. He actually did get a half response back from that person saying "thanks, my phone has been sending...." Looks like he was going to say something and it was cut off. Then my husband texted him again and said something to effect of, "no problem, I figured you'd like to know...if it was me I'd like somebody to tell me."

    Here's the original text message:

    From: 1010100002

    1 of 5

    From: BMGAlert
    Subj: DataAlert
    Msg: This is one of three messages that will be sent to you in reference to the wireless number 603-957-0805 using palm treo this is a courtesy message from AT&T to advise you that the current data usage on this line exceeds your existing data plan. If you have any questions or would like more information concerning your data plan you can contact us monday - friday 9am - 6pm CST at 1-866-339-6778 in the US or +14052867288 internationally (international call charges will be credited) or email us at <> Thank you for choosing AT&T for your wireless service. (end)

    Then Thursday night (last night) my husband had alot of trouble with sending people text messages. He was able to send them to somebody within his chat log, but nobody else's that wasn't in the chat log. He called text support (which was closed when they finally connected him) but they told him that the number listed in the text message is not an AT&T number. Also if he tries to send a text to somebody who isn't in his chat log, his phone restarts. Looks like the hacker doesn't want us warning our buddies!

    When he went under his sent messages, he found the text message he sent to the person with the different number. It was a blank space! The second message he sent didn't even register. He tried deleting all and all did delete, with the exception of that one text message that was highlighted yet blank! He cannot purge this text message from his sent folder. Also, his address book was deleted from his phone with the exception of a few recent numbers that he saved. How Creepy! He then re-exported all the numbers from the sim card back on the phone.

    He still has the original text in his inbox listed above. He said he thinks it WAS a hacker, but didn't think they could do that with phones. Oh yeah! People find a way (I'm not as trusting as my husband is!, xcon right here!).

    Hubby is also concerned that the fact that him and I share an account that my phone might be infected as well. I don't have his issue with his phone but I noticed that I can make calls fine yesterday to my husband but if I call other people I'm constantly being cut out, even with a good signal. Actually I'm having problems even calling him today. I can't even dial out! no dial tone. I have the treo 680. I just tried calling him. He was able to call me back but I couldn't dial out to him. I've tried pulling out the battery. I have no problems sending text messages.

    I called him to get his log files/programs that look abnormal:







    system db chain head


    Here's what's on my phone:





    MIDI Ring Tones

    PACE DATA Store Reser....

    PACER srcDB0

    PACER srcDB1

    PACER srcDB2

    PACER srcDB3

    PACER srcDB4

    PACER srcDB5

    PACER srcDB6

    PACER srcDB7

    PACER srcDB8

    PACER srcDB9

    shim Logs

    SMS Messages2

    SndFile Ring Tones

    System DB Chainhead

    Cingular told us to contact treo directly.

    Please help!!

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