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    can someone with the verizon 1.06 rom version post the tonelib files (TonesLibraryLib.prc.prc, TonesLibraryLib.prc_enUS.prc, TonesLibraryLib_VRZW.prc) as mentioned in this thread:

    It appears that the DTMF tone issue was solved for Sprint users by installing the older toneslib files. I tested the Sprint versions with the old 1.10 MR, but it crashed my 700p.

    Please post the files if you have them!
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    Check your PMs. I already sent you something about this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavingjan View Post
    Check your PMs. I already sent you something about this.
    Hey what about the rest of us?
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    Sprint toneslib files does NOT fix the DTMF bug. It fixes the alerts ramp-up bug only. Setting system sounds off fixes the DTMF bug, but not always. Hope this is clear.
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    I'm looking for the VRZW files as well. I was getting ready to install the files attached to that other thread, until I realized they were SPCS-specific.

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    I got ahold of the VZW specific toneslib files and it did NOT fix the alerts ramp-up bug. In fact, I think they caused a crash, but it was about 5 mos. ago, so my memory may be faded :-)
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    Well now that sux. So what are you doing now - just trying to overlook the fact that you can't hear the first 500 ms of anything??
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    yep, that's all I can do. I'm hoping the Centro comes out soon since my new-every-2 comes kicks in sometime in April.
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    Well it doesn't appear that the Centro is the equivalent of either the 700p or 755p.

    The stupid thing is that the 680 on ATT has the same problem. I just setup someone with a new 680, first thing I did was apply the latest ROM update. Same exact audio ramp-up problem. Palm really needs to get off their **** and release a fix for this, for ALL their handset/carrier variants.

    (hopefully they could just release a prc that patches those 2-3 files - having to go through the whole long-winded ROM update thing with the nail-biting requirement of blowing off all your programs and data and restoring them afterwards, is not a trivial matter.)

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