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    Another newbie question from a 7135 convert:

    My 7135 stayed on when it was plugged into a charger. I can't figure out how to get the 700p to do this. I use the phone in my car, both for calls and as an mp3 player. It's a total pain that it keeps turning off (still playing music) and needs to be woken up and the keypad unlocked all the time.

    I thought I could at least change the auto-off time, but the max is 3 minutes. How do I do this?


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    I use CradleCare for this however there are several apps that do this.

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    So does doing that burn out the CCFL/inverter easily?
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    Butler has an option to "Stay on if connected to a Charger"
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    Quote Originally Posted by edelweiss View Post
    Butler has an option to "Stay on if connected to a Charger"
    Thanks so much - that will really help! Later, I'll figure out the billion other things Butler does...


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