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    Hello Everybody,

    I'm working with a Treo 700P on the Sprint Network.

    Here's my problem and I hope somebody can offer some suggestions.

    When I Hotsync the phone to the desktop, it doesn't sync my "Calendar" or my "Contacts." If I go into the "Custom" menu of "Hotsync" both of them say "Synchronize the files." but they don't get synchronized. I watch when it syncs and I don't see "Calendar" of "Contacts" flash across the screen and when I look at the Hotsync log on the phone, it doesn't show those two as being synchronized. It doesn't give me an error--those two just don't synchronize.

    To add a little more confustion to the mix, in the "Custom" menu of Hotsync, the "Calendar" portion will occasionally revert to "Do Nothing." I keep going back and changing it to "Synchronize the files" but that will only last for a little while then it reverts back to "Do Nothing." As if that's not enough, if I click on "Make Default" for the "Calendar" to "Synchronize the Files." then Hotsync has to shut down because or an error.

    Confused? I sure as hell am.

    So far, I've "reformatted" the phone and let the desktop software reload everything on the freshly reformatted phone--then the "Calendar" and "Contacts" synched without a problem.

    Next, with my fresh new, up-to-date, phone, I reinstalled the Palm Desktop Software and let the phone bring the desktop up to date. Again, "Calendar" and "Contacts" transferred without a problem. They'll sync when the phone or desktop has no data and is starting from scratch but they won't sync after that.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

    Ken H
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    try downloading a program called dbscan from I think its pimilico software or something like that, install it on your palm and have it scan for deleted records,

    let me know if it solve dthe issue
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    Had a problem with this a year or so back on my dad's Sprint 700p. This is what finally fixed the problem for me:

    From post "How to fix Hotsync stuck on calendar, contacts, memos, tasks etc..."

    Quote Originally Posted by Rukia View Post

    i have noticed that most of you guys are having trouble in synching your calendar because it automatically set itself to "DO NOTHING" even if you force it to change a billion times. well, here's the catch:
    the conduit for calendar will automatically set to "DO NOTHING" if you have created an Exchange Active Sync account on versamail..(kindly check your treos). this normally happens because EAS will sync your emails as well as the calendar on the server.this means that you are synching the calendar "wirelessly". so, you cannot sync them using a hotsync cable/cradle. if your not using an EAS account on versamail, you may have accidentally created one. therefore, in order for you to sync the calendar locally, you must delete the existing EAS account on the treo as well as on the versamail account setup on your computer then perform a soft reset on the device. now you're ready to perform a hotsync!
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    Thank you very much. You're my hero.

    I really do appreciate the help. It worked perfectly and now, finally I'm synching my calendar and the contacts.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Synching problems since updating Palm Desktop for my 700p. I too have had the problems mentioned by KCH Ruby. I don't use VersaMail but will look for any EAS accounts (where would they be?). My problem -- new since updating desktop -- is my palm now gets stuck on DocToGo -- won't go past it. I've uninstalled and re-installed DTG but it didn't help. Palm won't let me re-do the update since it detects I've already done the update -- so I'm wondering if I should completely uninstall and reinstall the palm desktop to try to fix this problem? Problem is I don't know if it's a DTG or Desktop issue...anybody have this problem?

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