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    So, i got my treo600 today (not new, friend said it just froze on his use and never got back up since) so i was reading around and tried reseting it but no success, i pluged it on usb cable but my PC wont recognize it (running XP) all i get is unrecognized device when i reset it and promt for drivers... i tried using all drivers that palm desktop would give me but no luck so far, so when i plug it in all that appears is this white screen and like there was no OS or something, i tried soft reset hard reset battery reset it all works like i would just push the reset button... so if you can give me some advice on it.. pls...
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    Did you warm reset? See Palm Knowledgebase. If that still does not start your Treo, try hard reset. Your data will be lost, if probably is by this time.
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    i tried everything on this link u gave me, nothing works for me, treo just starts normally white screen and nothing else... backlight works everything works. I cant even turn it off...
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    When you hit the reset button at the back, you don't even see the PALM logo display on the screen momentarily?

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