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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    I dunno, why would you do that?

    Seriously, I see what you are saying (although I though the Centro is $399 w/o contract, or thereabout).

    Is it similar to Apple and the iPhone price drop? Maybe, maybe not.
    well, some might actually want to spend another $200 so NOT to have to carry around their old brick-like treo. hec, i'd spend that in a second! but not for the POS, or lack of memory, or.....

    still like its prospects
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    Quote Originally Posted by tlaz View Post
    You have a business that sells a high-end product to a small, but loyal niche of customers. You can:
    a) Give it a minor facelift and sell it very profitably to a much larger market.
    b) You can drop every dollar you have into upgrading your current product so it will appeal more to your niche market.

    Guess which one Palm chose?

    So would you, if it were your business. Like RickMG's daughter says, "Get over it!"
    I was talking about us, not Palm. Palm might be beyond repair, but I think they are on the right track with the Centro. Yes, I think it should've come out instead of the 755 and maybe it wouldn't look like they were taking the 755 buyers for a 5 month ride, who knows. But, we need to get over it, it happened, no use crying over spilled milk or downing the Centro because of it.
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