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    Hi there:
    My treo 650 its been looping and i cant get it to stop.. This happen when i try to download a new custom rom. .and now it wont stop looping. I try all the resets and none of them work.. Does anyone nows whaat to do with it?? Help Me ...Thank YOU...JR..
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    Are you sure that you've tried the warm reset? Pull the battery, replace it and hold the 5way "up" until after the second Palm logo has appeared.
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    Yes i try all the resets and its still looping.. I try the warm ,soft, hard reset,and zero out reset. I dont know what else to do..
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    if u tried a ROM update and it went into a loop u might be in trble...

    try to reinstall the ROM update again, if the phone stays on long enough

    u have a warranty on the phone?

    u might have to bring it in

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