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    Hi guys,
    I have searched for an answer to this, but no definitive answer so far.

    Can a treo 680 be used in Portugal for WAP, internet and MMS.
    I live in Portugal and my current service provider tells me that there are no available settings for Treos. I am with Optimus, but someone here may know if another network will be able to do what I need. Maybe Vodafone.

    I really hope someone knows the answer as currently I am sans Palm because of my carelessness while in England, and I would like to invest in another, of which the treo 680 looks most suited, but it would be totally useless unless the internet worked.

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    I assume they are GSM as it is Europe.

    It doesn't matter if the network supports it, T-Mobile USA doesn't surpport the newer Treo's but there is really thousands of us using it.

    As for settings, ask for settings for other phones... close relatives. a Pocket PC or Symbain phone perhaps.
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    Thank you fishera.

    My mind complicated this issue because of difficulty connecting a TX and TE2 through bluetooth and a motorola V360.
    This just will not work, but direct from a smart phone I expect it will work fine.

    Incidently, Vodafone Portugal email support sent me this eventually.
    It may help others in a similar situation.

    You need to create a Connection in Applications > Preferences > Connection > New and fill the steps. Afterwards access to Preferences > Network > New

    Service: Vodafone
    User Name: vodafone (lower case)
    Password: vodafone (lower case)
    Connection: choose the one you created before

    Select Details

    Connection type: PPP
    Idle Timeout: Never
    Query DNS: select
    IP Address: select (Automatic)

    Choose the option Script (shows End with an arrow and when you pick it shows the other options)

    Send: at+cgdcont=1,"ip",""
    Send CR: leave blank
    Send: atd*99***1#
    Send CR: leave blank
    Wait For: CONNECT
    End: leave blank

    And then press Finish (OK twice) and Connect.


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