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    hello i am new to this but can aneyone tell me if u can change a cdma treo 650 to a gsm
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    It is not possible. They are made exclusively for each network.
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    and why would you want to, I just went "the other way" and very happy.
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    I just read a tread with a success full sex change from CDMA to GSM. You have to ghange the firmware to the unlocked GSM version and it should work.
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    I found it in this thread "Totally Dead Treo 650"
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    You would also need to change out the radio hardware
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    You would also need to change out the radio hardware
    If you open your Treo there actually is a module that you can remove that is the radio hardware. This module is actually seated in a connector and can be removed very easily without any soldering. I'm presuming that maybe if you get a GSM module and flash the unit to a GSM firmware you should be able to use the device without destroying it.

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