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    I need to purchase some journaling software for my treo 755p. I suffer from severe short term memory loss and need to document important events throughout the day. I need something quick to use and that will file the info in a way that is easy to access as needed.

    My memos are just a mess. There is no organization in how the info is stored.

    I'm doing pretty well with the standard contacts, tasks and calendar, but is there something better? I'd like contacts to be clickable with tasks and calendar if possible.

    I love how Google map is right there to click on in contacts. I don't want to lose that. Sometimes I get close to a destination I've been to, but blank on exactly where it is, and it's so nice to bring up the map with a click. I've had to use it backwards to get home, too :-0

    I'm getting tired of working hard to learn new software and messing with intallations and settings. I'd rather pay for premium software than play around right now.

    I jut got my first palm in May. I've learned so much. Despite my memory loss I still have a knack for computers. It's just that there is SO much to learn :-0

    I've ben searching and reading about the different productivity software, but feel like my head is spinning. HELP! What is the best?

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    Bonsai or Listpro would probably work.
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    You might try DayNotez:
    When you start a new note, it automatically tags it with the
    date and time, so notes are easy to find chronologically.
    (You can edit the date/time if needed). You can define
    various categories for entries as well. I used it for several
    years as a replacement for paper note-taking.
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    I love Bonsai & Daynotez together.
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    or maybe
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    Agendus might be what you are looking for to link your contacts with tasks and appointments
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    If you like the memo app, and the only complaint is that it's unorganized, you may want to try the trial of treo memo. It will let you search them.
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    I used the trial of comet and daynotez and then paid for the reg code (here at treocentral), but the code doesn't work, and I cannot get them to refund my money. They just send a form letter to contact the software provider. I lost all my notes messing with the installation and just don't want it anymore. Whatever $32.00 lost.

    I want to use a program that won't lose my notes so easy, as with my memory loss issues, they are so important.

    I think I might be better off learning to use the preinstalled applications to their absolute fullest. I've been using calendar backwards the past few days, color coding the entries and am able to access my notes very easily.

    Agendus looks good, but pricy after just losing the $32. I'm impressed that notes are kept in the preinstalled applications if agendus is uninstalled!

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