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    I took my Treo 650 apart to fix the jack. I found I had one with the black plastic/gunge over the pads making it very difficult to solder the bridge.

    I had another 650 with a broken screen. I decided to swap the screens. After reassembly it did not work. More specifically, the screen did not work. I swapped the screens back and now it does not work in the original. Only the screen is not working (in both phones) - the rest of the phone works fine.

    I have watched the on doing a screen replacement. In it, I could see no special tricks or measures necessary when attaching the ribbon cable for the new screen.

    Any suggestions about what I may be doing wrong?
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    I had the same problems today swapping screens. Turned out I was not fully inserting the ribbon cable from the screen to the MB. I was very particular in my final attempt and voila, success.
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    Patrick got it right. Same thing has happened to me. Those connectors are pretty particular.

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