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    I have treo 755 & I have this weird annoying problem. At random my contacts will "steal" a custom ring tone that I have set up in another contact. It happens randomly. So when I hear "nokia tune" ringing I think it is my girly friend but it is aunt alice. I am not sure there is any science to it except that it only steals tones from other contacts that have a custom tone set. It does not select just any tone. sometimes a soft reset will fix it. other times I have to individually change each tone back to default. anyone else see this problem? only programs that could be doing this is call block or profiles...
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    Mine did the same thing after a hard reset and a restore. Contacts A-C were all set to the non-default ringer. I just changed mine back
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    anyone else?
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    On my 650, I use phone technician for a custom ringtone, but some contacts don't recognize it. I know its different on the 755p, but maybe its a phone app issue.
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    I know you probably have already checked this but make sure that you don't have groups set up anywhere for your contacts.. I had that happen in my early days using ringo to control my ringtones...
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    I found it has somthing to do with the Profiles program by Milan Votava. Disable the program set all your ringtones to default. Or just delete the one that the keep going to and it will default to the built in one.

    Then you can re enable profiles program.

    fixed it for me.
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    no crap. I had a feeling. you try emailing him? I will try that.
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    We're you able to solve this? I don't have the Profiles program but most of my contacts on my 755p have changed from default to a different ringer. I have 3000 contacts, I can't change them back one by one. I even tried setting each Category to default, but the individual contacts still are not on the default ringtone.

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