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    When I first got my Treo 755p, I did a hotsync to put all my data in, and it went into a reset loop. For the entire night charging in the car, apparently it had been reinitializing over and over. I putzed with it a few times, hitting various buttons and selections until finally it stopped.

    Anyone ever had that happen? Any idea what causes it? I'd guess some application had a problem, but then it just went away and hasn't happened again since, even though I haven't done anything different at all.

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    What was your prior Palm device and did you just sync to your prior device userid?

    If your data is still in the Palm Desktop . . . . I would hard reset. . . . install the 755p CD desktop (new conduits are added) and then follow the Palm "upgrade" instructions or do a clean install. . . . .

    Cheers, Perry

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