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    Hi there,

    Okay, so Im trying to enable an app that allows a sort of Visual Voicemail effect. Problem is the only carrier that seems to be incompatible is Sprint. Just my luck. However, if I can find out if/how there is a way to 'tweak' my call forwarding settings I would be golden. This is my conundrum, when you activate call forwarding, all yours calls are, well, forwarded to what ever number you specify. Your handset does not ring, it goes right to the forwarded number. In order for this app to work, you must be able to enable 'Busy call forwarding' 'No answer call forwarding' and 'Unreachable call forwarding'. This allows your phone to ring but if you are unable to answer your phone it then gets forwarded to an alternate number. With any other carrier you are able to dial in an activation code from your handset and turn on these particular forwarding settings, but, ofcourse, not with Sprint. I called Sprint CS who was about as helpful as a hole in the head, the directions for this app instruct you to contact Sprint CS in order to have these settings altered but when I call I get so frustrated that I hang up. Can ANYONE help me with this?? At this point ANY info would be good info as Im so completely frustrated.

    So, please Treo Central geniuses, HELP
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    Well I hate to be bearer of bad news, but, you can only turn call forwarding with sprint on, or off. This is their explanation:

    Call Forwarding

    With Call Forwarding, all your incoming calls will be forwarded to the phone number you specify—not your voicemail box—and you won't hear a single ring on your Sprint PCS phone. You can activate and deactivate Call Forwarding as you need it—changing the forwarding number when the need arises. Each forwarded call costs $0.10 per minute, plus any additional long-distance charges.
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    okay, update, after about an hour and a half on the phone with Sprint, they got it right. I now have 'conditional call forward' enabled on my 755 Apparently, there is a tech department within the tech department that deals strictly with Treos.... they were the only ones who knew how to activate this service. I gotta give it to Sprint CS though..... the girl I was talking to WOULD NOT let me hang up until she got it working.... compared to usual reps who race to get you off the phone, my hats off to her for excellent customer service. She did an amazing job of tracking me down an answer. Anyway, got it up and running and Im VERY happy
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    I am trying to do the same thing! I want any unanswered calls to go to my Grand Central account. WHat specifically did you ask for when you called Sprint? And is there a fee?

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