View Poll Results: Would you recommend the 9/21/2007 underscore update for VZW?

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    17 94.44%
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    1 5.56%
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    There are those (wisely so) who may be holding off on installing the latest Sept 21, 2007 Treo700p_-1.10-VZW update, otherwise known as the underscore update.

    I'd like to give folks a simple, overall impression of the update. There are details in other threads on specific issues if you're seeking more info. This is just a thumbs up or down poll concerning the update.

    If you have installed the 700p VZW update, please vote accordingly.


    (if you are interested in installing the update, see this post FIRST)


    The SD update:
    I just got Cobalt running on my Foleo! Wanna see screenshots?
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    You may wish adding a Poll to this thread.
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    As an update to my "Yes" vote, after I upgraded I've had NO problems connecting to networking, my SMS lag went away with the first MR, and I've experienced NO other issues that others are having.

    I am finally a satisfied Treo 700p customer! This only took 14 months for me to get happy with my phone.
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    Are we talking about people updating from the original 1.10, or from 1.06 to underscore?

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