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    Saw that sprint has the re-released 1.10 on their site:

    Says you have to update via the SD card. Anyone try it?

    I don't have the guts to try it myself...but maybe one of you did.


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    I don't think this is a new version, but the same one that's been up for months. I haven't yet heard anything about Palm issuing a fixed updater for the Sprint 700p, even though we've been having the same connectivity issues as everyone else.
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    I don't think this fix was on their site a week ago. They had pulled the MR after the problems.
    I assume this is the same fix as before, just deleted the desktop version of it. If this is the case, then Palm is saying the fix itself is good, its the method of installing it that was causing the problems.
    My question is, has anyone tried it with the SD card and how did it go?
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    I installed the MR update on June 4th, the first day it was available. I installed the IT/Enterprise version via SD card. I did a fresh Resco Backup a few minutes before installing the update, and restored my 700p from the fresh backup when it was done.

    Had no problems with the install and no problems post install. My Sprint 700p 1.10 is working exceptionally well. I am extemely happy with it.

    Sorry if my being extremely happy with my 700p annoys some of the Palm haters.

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    I did that update on two 700ps and had no problems.
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    Those who are reporting smooth sailing; have you had the DTMF (touch-tone) problem where the tone sounds even when you have the switch on top of the phone toggled to silent? That's a key thing stopping me from trying the update...
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    I did the MR SD update June 4. It went well but:
    I hear the tones
    Battery isn't lasting as long as it use to.
    Lag is still there.
    BR is fine but I never had BT issues before.
    Good Luck
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    update was horrible.. phone keeps trying to reprovision.. UHG!!!!! what is the point to having a phone!
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    you did your update via the SD card?
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    I did the update via sd card on both palms. No problems - not tones, not network, every thing worked beautifully.
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    Update went relatively smoothly except for the problem documented here:

    Unfortunately, this is a HUGE problem for me based on how I've been using my Treo (650 and then 700p) for the last 2+ years.

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