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    Now that we have had two updates to the original 700p build, is there any chance for custom ROM development? I can't stand the space wasted by some apps and those stupid mp3 files in ROM. I thought I read somewhere that custom ROMs are possible after an update.

    Any ideas or sites/other forums I can look into?
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    The ROM format is similar to older Palm format (before the Treo era -- the Treo 650 uses zipped pdb/prc files, while 700p uses uncompressed ROM files that are then zipped)
    I can give out a bit more information about the file header if someone can write/program a rom editing software like RomCrafter.

    Or if someone can teach me how to use Romcrafter that would be nice too, there is suspose to be some PDF manual for Romcrafter

    If someone can donate their damaged palm to me I can look into it. I only have one 700p that I am using right now so I can't risk it.
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