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    once you apply the rom update, there is no going back.
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    I am getting my treo today in the mail and I am wondering is this update really worth it? Or should I use the rule "If it ain't broke don't fix it"?
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    I got a txt msg from verizon today telling me that I needed to update the software on my phone or I may not be billed properly in the future so I followed the link to the update which took me to the verizon 1.10 update - I did the SD card method update, followed the instructions exactly - and now the phone just resets. Verizon wants $50 to exchange it with another one (that they probably fixed with another problem) and Palm wants me to mail the phone to them (A side note here - I live about 15 miles from their repair center and they are unwilling to let me just take the phone to them - it must go through the mail)

    I would not do the update unless you really need it.

    [edited] for update -

    got out of the boot loop by removing the battery and just using the charger. Once it booted and got out of that loop, reinstalling the battery and retried the update (with a freshly formatted sd card and new copy of the update) and after a few tries getting a "general error" it finally went through without the error and worked. Now for how stable 1.10 will be on the phone only time will tell...
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