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    After years of using Wordsmith to capture my notes I have moved on to Documents to Go. I am using Version 8.0 of DTG which came with my Treo 680.

    Moving my files from WordSmith to DTG took some effort. Here is what finally worked for me. First, I resaved all the Wordsmith files on my Treo to the file type Palm Doc. I then copied all the WS files from my SD card to a folder on my PC. Then I dropped the files into the PC application of DTG.

    Once the files were in DTG then I changed the file type for the Handheld format from Palm Doc to Word to Go. I also manually duplicated the category types on my PC. Lastly, I deleted the Wordsmith folder on the SD card.

    After a Hotsync the categories and files were copied to the new location on the SD card and all the files showed up correctly on my Treo.

    I hope this helps others who make a similar change.
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