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    For whatever reason, I have been getting excellent performance out of my 700p for the past few weeks. I did the MR Update about 8 weeks ago and got the dreaded error 3000 all over the place and some resets and lag time got worse etc. At that time, since I am a versamail user and have the eas direct push email format set up with my exchange server at the office, I changed the setting and stopped the direct push. This lessened the amount of time online and made for less errors. But about 3 weeks ago I changed the setting back and pretty much ever since, the phone has been working great. So much that even if the update occurs in my lifetime, I may choose to ignore it. Anyone else getting improving performance? I have not deleted anything (no software removed no hacks disabled etc). It is just working. I am thinking that it may be a system adjustment going on behind the scenes at Verizon and they are tweaking their network to get us screwed users better service without announcing anything. Just a thought. i am keeping my fingers crossed and hope this thread does not jinx me.

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