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    What is the protocol for the timestamp on the 700p with Sprint. I travel several timezones, and normally leave my "Time Preferences" on home time (CDT). However, when I receive text messages, they "sometimes" stamp the "local" time, even though they originate from Central time, and my phone is on central time. This really messes up my ability to follow the chat sequence in my SMS reader program, which is TreoDesktop (which I highly recommend to anyone needing to keep track of their messages.)

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    Based on my personal experiences with Sprint, I'm pretty sure that the time stamp on SMS messages is specified to be "highly inaccurate."
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    I'm pretty sure the time stamp function is controlled in the same way the ring/silent function.
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    @ Xianfox and KJ78

    I don't know your carriers (I live in Italy) but I believe that ANY phone carrier should respect the "standard".
    As far as I know, any incoming message (SMS) store three values:

    - the text (alphanumeric)
    - the sender number or name (alphanumeric)
    - the timestamp (expressed IN LOCAL TIME)

    The reason for the phone carrier ever send the timestamp in local time, is that ANY generic mobile phone merely shows the received timestamp (as is) on its display.

    By reading your forum, sometime I saw users claiming bad timestamps on their messages... so I need to ask a question to you, american users:

    Did you ever got bad timestamps, using Sprint (or any other carrier) by using a generic mobile phone??

    If you get bad timestamps only using Treo devices, there is a reason... and if you like to know it, please continue to read this message.

    @ tim1234

    Hi Tim, how are u?
    I hope you are the same "Tim" writing me the last week, for a similar problem, and I believe that should be better to discuss about this problem in a public forum, as well as many users (like you) get a similar problem on their Treos.

    As you know, the Treo stores timestamps exclusively in GMT format.

    To be able to manage the timestamps, the Treo needs to be set in the right Location (in the Preferences - Time&Date). This setting is very important, because the Treo frequeltly needs to calculate the GMT time, and the Location value is needed to convert the time from (and to) local and GMT.

    A suggest: don't trust the phone carriers!!! Don't select the automatic option for the time zone, because not all the carriers in the world send the right information, so your Treo may get incorrect values... keep your time setting as "Manual".

    Ok, let's go to solve the mistery...

    When receiving a message, the Treo first calculates the GMT timestamp, by adding or subctracting the shift value (reading it from the Locations database) to the localtime timestamp just received, then store the GMT timestamp in the messages database.

    An incorrect Location value, will result in an incorrect GMT timestamp (and a bad value stored in the database).

    When showing a message on the screen, the Treo converts "on the fly" the stored GMT timestamp (by adding or subctracting the shift value, regarding the Location) and shows the timestamp in localtime on the screen.

    This is why travelling users may get bad timestamps on received messages... it's not a carrier problem, but a Treo setting problem: the Treo is set on a wrong time and/or a wrong Location, so it's not able to calculate the right GMT time.

    When travelling, you have to change ONLY the Location value, and NEVER to change the Time or Date values!!! By following this rule, no bad timestamps will ever be got.

    Of course, even if you are not travelling users, keep care to have set the right Location on your Treos... if you live in Chicago, be care to have set "Chicago" as Location, then refine the Time and Date values. An incorrect Location value will result in bad timestamps, even if you are not travelling.

    When travelling, take care to update your Location value just when you arrive in the airport, before to turn on the radio section! Remember that any incoming event, in the new city, will be received with a local timestamp, and your Treo have to know the local time shift to be able to calculate (and store) the right timestamp in the database.

    Please FORGOT to edit the Time and Date fields, when travelling!!

    Your Treo clock, usually, do not need to be tuned up... that field needs to be changed only to tune up the time (eg: one minute forward or backward, to refine the internal clock).

    As far as I'm the ideator and the developer of Treodesktop (a software to manage Treo messages on desktop) I know the Treo and its timestamp's management, and I noticed that a lot of users, when travelling, usually change the Time value instead of the Location value... this is the best method to get bad timestamps, and obtain unreadable threads due an incorrect messages sequence!!

    In the next Treodesktop release, in order to help you to correct this problem, I will add an option to "fix" the bad timestamps on desktop, so even if you got this issue, you will be able to restore the right timestamp and obtain a readable (in right sequence) thread chat. Moreover, as well as there is an feature - in the last release - to "rebuild" the Treo messages database, if you like you will be able to fix your timestamps, then "push" on your Treo the fixed messages database, containing the right (just edited) timestamps.

    Thanks to all of you, and sorry for for the long post, and for my bad english.
    Hope to have helped you. And... remember to check the Location value!

    Bruno Naglieri - Rome (Italy)
    Treodesktop developer
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