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    I called last week to request a partial credit for the last 2 months of my data plan, since I can only get through about half (or less) of the time after the MR installation.

    As I explained my situation to the CSR, she did not even let me finish. She said they were well aware of the problem, apologized (of course) and offered to send me a new phone. Since my current one is pretty scratched up, I said sure. I specifically asked her if it would have 1.08 or 1.10 on it and she assured me it would have 1.08.

    Well, it arrived and had 1.10, so I was a little unhappy. Nevertheless, it is new (or prob refurbed) and in better shapre than my old one so I activated it and started loading my shtuff, 3-4 apps at a time.

    It has been 3 days, now and no connection errors, just like I used to, pre-MR. Blazer is snappier, too. Maybe installing clean IS the better approach. When I did the MR on my old phone, I just hot-synched everything back on. I really do think that is a problem, but have no time to test it out. In fact, on my old MR-updated phone, I got a white screen on Blazer for 30 seconds in the instance when I launched it for the first time after a reset.

    Anyway, I know some of you have been through 3-4 replacement phones, but maybe keep trying and you might get lucky. Not a very solid business model for Verizon, but I still think this is the best phone out there, and I have spent hundreds (ugh) of dollars on software, so I am not going to a Windows or BB platform anytime soon.

    Also, install clean instead of hot syncing. That has to be a better approach.

    Oh, and I DID get 50% off my data plan for the last 2 months.
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    I had the exact same experience, although I've been data connection error-free for over a week. The only downside is that the screen is slightly murkier and more yellow, and the OS freezes more often than my original 700p, although it lasts for just a few seconds each time.

    Whether Verizon has tweaked the network or these new replacements units are coming with a reworked update I cannot say, but SOMETHING has changed recently. And while I'm happy that my data problems seem to be gone, I'm sad that I no longer appear to have an argument for a free 755p when it arrives.
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    I too was sent a new Treo 700p and it's been almost a month now w/o any 'Error 3000'

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