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    I am thinking about upgrading to Outlook 2007 from 2003. Has anyone had any sync problems using Outlook 2007 with a Treo 755p?

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    I did not use 2003 and did not attempt the 2007 on my 70o when I had it.

    We had some major issues with the 755 recognizing a self signed cert - basically it didn't and we could not get the self signed cert installed on my Treo with the PDB certificate conversion tool from Palm's site.

    So we went with the $20 GoDaddy cert and everything worked. The GoDaddy cert is has the Valicert designation (or however one would say that) and the Treo can see that cert without any modification or need for anything to be installed on the Treo.
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    I was able to sync my 755 with vista/outlook 2007 just fine, until I ran windows update and updated outlook... now it wont work for sh#t... luckily I have a machine with xp/outlook 2002 that syncs without any issues
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