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    Hi guys. I just started having this bizarre problem with Mundu. I have not installed any new software in quite a while. Here's the scenario. I launch Mundu (currently configured to connect to Yahoo, AOL, and MS). If I stay in Mundu (it is the active app) there's no problem. If on the other hand I leave Mundu (it's running in the background) and do anything call, solitaire, calendar, etc, and get an instant message, as soon as I try to switch back to Mundu it resets the Treo. My current work-around has been to activate the pop-ups feature. This way no matter what application I'm in, a screen comes up and lets me reply to the IM and hit the "Quick Reply" button to respond and then returns me to whatever I was in before the message. If I try to use the "Go To" button to return to Mundu....same thing. The phone resets. I have 12.5 MB free RAM and my phone has been very stable for well over a year now. Currently this is my only problem. I loved Verichat and used it without any problems until support was eliminated by Nokia. Mundu has worked fine up until this point. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi guys. I was able to resolve my Mundu problem. First off, I uninstalled the application. Second I re-installed it and this time only configured the one service I use the most (Yahoo) and left off the others (AOL and MSN). Another thing I now prompts me to log in to my service instead of doing it automatically. I like it that way better so in case I go in to Mundu accidentally, I don't have to wait for it to connect to the network, log in to the service, etc. Anyway, if anyone else has the same problems, at least try uninstalling and reinstalling. BTW....I never did get a response back from Mundu's tech support. Imagine that.

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