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    Does anyone know how to access the Sprint Music Store on the Treo 700p? I am supposed to get a free song download each month, but can't figure out how to access the store. Is it through a website, some downloadable program, or something else?

    I have called Sprint customer support and they are no help. Shocker. They just repeat the following from the website:

    Purchase and Download Music to Your Phone

    To find and download music files from the Sprint Music StoreSM:

    1. Select the Music icon on your Sprint Power VisionSM phone's main menu.
    2. From the Sprint Music StoreSM opening page, select an option to browse the store:
    ----1. Featured Music offers a revolving selection of highlighted songs and artists.
    ----2. Categories allows you to choose from categories such as What’s Hot and New Releases, and to browse genres.
    ----3. Search gives you the option of searching for specific songs or artists. Just use your keypad to enter your search criteria in the available field.
    3. Highlight the song you want and press OK. (The song information screen will display.)
    4. Select one of the following options and press OK:
    ----1. Preview to play an audio clip of selected song.
    ----2. Buy Song to purchase the song and download it to your phone’s miniSD or TransFLASH card.
    --------1. When you select Buy Song, the file will automatically download to your phone’s miniSD or TransFLASH card. (If there is no memory card installed or if there is not enough free memory space on the card, you will see an alert.)
    --------2. Once the song has been downloaded to your memory card, you will see options allowing you to listen to the song, add it to a playlist, or continue shopping. You also can visit to download your purchases to your PC.

    You can pause the download and re-start it at any time. Just select the song title from All My Music within the Player tab of the Sprint Music Store.

    I can't seem to explain to them that I don't have a music icon on my "main menu." I tried to go the but it won't open in Blazer. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

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    I don't believe you can access the music store with the 700p (that is with all the current Sprint smartphones, with an exception with the Mogul). the best you can do is purchasing a ringtone. Try and see if you can use that voucher for a ringtone, it worked for me.
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    Thanks. To me dealing with those people on the phone isn't worth a ring tone, but I appreciate the advice.

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    Palm OS phones for some reason are not compatible with the Sprint Music Store. Sorry

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