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    I use Versamail to access my SprintPCS email account on my Treo 700p. I have preferences set to "Delete mail from server after deleting from Versamail". The problem is, my mail is not deleted from the Sprint server. After a week or so, I get a message from Sprint that my email account has reached its maximum capacity, and I have to go online to delete my messages from the Sprint server, even though they were previously deleted with Versamail.

    Does anyone know of another way to force the messages to be deleted on the Sprint server when they are deleted in Versamail?
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    Sprint email is POP, so it most likely won't delete off the server, when deleted on the phone. Sorry.
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    ?? I have no trouble deleting emails from my pop server.
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    The issues lies with VersaMail. Not anything that I can think of that would solve it.
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