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    I have a strange thing happened to my 755p.
    One of the programs crashed, reseted the palm. After that palm is not recognizing my miniSD card. The card is readable in PC. Also if I reset with holding up arrow (safe mode reset??, not sure how it is call, but suppose to disable all drivers), the card is seen and works fine. I hard reseted palm, restored last known good backup with NV backup without problems, but again, the card is not recongnized in normal state and is recognized after this specific reset.
    Please help. What is my next step?
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    i had the same problem but mine ended up being that i bought a crappy sd card and it just gave up after a while, fixed the problem with buying a name brand card. i remember my old 650 had that problem of the card dismounting and it would take some resets to get it mounted again.
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    No I already have kingston. The interesting thing is that I hard reseted my palm, restored very old backup and the card was recognized again. Then suddenly my palm again reseted (different, stable before program) and my card is not recognized again.

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