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    Quote Originally Posted by treotraveler View Post

    The problem you have is a SAG issue, not Treo. But easily fixed. You need to realize that SAG 1.14 grabs the Treo bluetooth and won't let go. Even with the 700p bluetooth watchdog disabled.

    Prior SAG versions were hit or miss with the HT820. But with SAG 1.14, the HT820 works very well with the highest bit rate (304) and the highest quality (7)...For me anyway....

    The work around I use, is to launch Treo bluetooth app and shut bluetooth off. Then I shut down PTunes. Then I shut the HT820 headset off.

    Then I turn Treo bluetooth back on and unfold the H700 mic. The H700 connects back up for phone use. When I am using the HT820 for music, the H700 is off.

    No lockup and no reboots. For me anyway. The above procedure may work for you...

    Naw...I had the BT issues since before I installed SAG. I haven't had too many problems with SAG 1.14 though. I ususally turn off SAG and the Treo BT to ensure all is disconnected and no battery drain. That works for me.

    I think I'm going to swing by the Sprint store this week and see if they'll swap me out for a 755. I really like the Treo and just wished that it would work correctly. If the 755 is all that other posters are saying it is...I'll be a happy clam until the Linux Treo comes out. The only bummer is that I'll have to buy a mini-SD and card...but oh well.
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    Go MOGUL. WM6 will perhaps be a pain in the rear to learn in the short term, but the platform is gaining a lot of momentum right now and HTC phones are made just right.

    Linux phones? Not so much, thanks Palm for dragging your feet for so long on Palm OS II. Perhaps Nokia has something up there with their N95...
    Ode to the Treo Pro: you had to look so good, you had to be HTC in disguise...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Q~ View Post
    Most definately. If you are a sprint customer, there is no reason you should be using the 700P The 755P is what the 700P should have been.

    Call Sprint and raise cain that you are tired of the buggy, crashing 700P they sold you and demand a replacement 755P. You might get lucky and get it. If not, then pay the money to try it out for a week before jumping to one of these other devices.
    I'm trying to get the local Sprint Store to swap me out under a warranty replacement. They're checking to see if they are out of stock on 700p replacements. At that point, they'll be able to get me a 755. Otherwise, they are sticking to policy.

    I'm fairly sure that I'll have to call Sprint directly to get this deal done.
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    I am leaning more and more to the Mogul, if it ever comes out for Verizon. I really want an iPhone, but the events of the last few weeks are leading me to worry that the phone has a better chance of losing features than gaining them.

    I am done, completely done, with the Palm OS. I have never liked WM when I've played around with it, but much like Palm I'm sure you have to download a few key apps to get it set up just right.

    The Mogul still has a 320x240 screen, doesn't it? For some reason I remember thinking it was better than that. I have spent so many years with 320x480 and 320x320, I think it might drive me crazy. Any long-time Palm users care to comment more in depth about that?
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    Just an update...I struck out with my local Sprint Store AND Sprint customer service/retentions.
    First off, CS told me that there's NO difference in the 755 vs 700p other than cosmetics and form factor. Something I believed all along, however if CS is telling me that, it must be a lie...

    Second, retentions couldn't swap me out without having to pay-up $200ea (I have two 700p's) and re-start a 2-year contract.
    Oh well...Time to take a second look at a Blackberry or Mogul.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post are one of the few...ever consider buying a lottery ticket?

    I've done the troubleshooting "load a single app and test it" method. It didn't help as the only app I have is Softick Audio Gateway...and my instability issues occurred before I purchased this application.
    There are a lot of 700p users who've had very few problems -- I'm one of them. But many of us don't spend a lot of time on this forum, because we're not suffering. I got my 700 as soon as it came out to replace my failing 600, and it has just freakin' worked. I've never been to the Sprint store with problems, and never needed tech support. The worst I've had is occasional glitches with 3rd-party applications and some spontaneous outgoing phone calls I didn't intend to make.

    It's clear that some people have had terrible experiences -- one bad device after another. Some of it may be software, but I gotta think there are also hardware build differences.

    Meanwhile, I'm just hoping my 700 keeps going until something a whole lot better comes down the road in another year or two.
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