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    My phone used to hot sync with no problem. I havent recently added any aps or anything to my phone either. I just now tried to hot sync it and it wouldnt do it at all.. It brought the screen up, but when i hit the hot sync button. it appears to flash the "3" icons really fast, then goes back to the hot sync screen...

    anyone have this happen to them? and know how to fix it

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    I also was having no problems with my 755p until all of a sudden today I try to hotsync and NOTHING. Neither the button on the USB cord nor the button on the hotsync app's screen will initiate the sync- it flashes the sync screen for a split second and then goes back to the original screen.

    I had not done anything to the phone recently.

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    First make sure that on your Palm's HotSync screen below the large HotSync icon you have the correct sync type selected.

    On your Palm's HotSync screen there is a View Log button. See if there is any information logged for your Sync failures.

    Also on your PC desktop if your right click the HotSync icon there is also a View Log option. This will show if the HotSync started.

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    at least i got mine working- i did a soft reset and nothing else. seemed to do the trick.
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    Make sure hotsync manager is running (on your computer)i. if still having problems, reset your computer.
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    I will try that.. how do I do a soft reset. this is my first treo device and I've yet to have to reset my phone, the right hot sync setting is correct, but I will check the log to see if there are any errors
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    Get DB Scan & DB Fixit from Pimlico Software....if your datbases have any will fix it for you.

    GREAT Programs!!!!
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    This site describes the various resets your Treo can do as well as how to perform them.

    I would reset my computer before resetting my Treo
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