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    Palm is offering this package for $169, after rebates, till the end of the month. It is supposed to be compatible with a number of Treo models, including the 755p. The maps are included on a SD card. I have a 755p, so if I order one will I get an SD card or the mini-SD. I cannot find any reference to that on Palm's site, and I don't think the order form asks for the Treo model number.
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    I have the Edition 2, I copied the files on the 1GB SD that came with Edition 2 onto a mini-SD and I was up and running on my 755p without a hitch.

    If they say compatible with 755p -- they may be selling the edition with a mini-SD in a slipcase for regular SD slots. Even if not, you could do the copy, as I have done.
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