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    I have done some searching and couldn't find any posts related to this so I hope I am not beating a dead horse here. I have a couple of users with 755p Treos. They are configured to sync email with Exchange server using Versamail and Exchange ActiveSync. That appears to be working normally but when they try to open any kind of attachemnt to an email the phone reboots. I have tried deleting the Versamail account and recreating it. I also tried a hard reset. Nothing has worked so far. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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    You have probably upgraded your Docs To Go? Would this be correct?
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    No, Docs To Go is not installed on this device.
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    What types of attachments have caused the crash so far? Does the crash happen as soon as you click on the attachment, or does it say what application is going to be used to open it before the crash? What error message does ##377 reveal after one of these crashes?
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    If you have a Treo, you have Documents to Go (whether you want it or not). 755 ships with an out of date version of 8 in ROM , and there is a bugfix you need to install into RAM to get to 8.003 (which itself is about 1 year out of date.

    DTG is the default viewer for Office attachments out of the box, and it crashes like a newbie dish juggler. I use Snappermail and have the same issue as you have, the problem is DTG not Versamail.

    You can move DTG updates onto card, but then you will default to the unpatched version in ROM (brilliant, Palm). The only workaround I've found is to ONLY choose "save attachment to card" and then open DTG and find and view directly from there. I'm guessing it's just badly implemented memory management by Dataviz and Palm causing this mess.
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    I do not have this issue with the included ROM version of DTG. Just if I do any kind of upgrade. The ROM version works just fine.
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    I would recommend a hard reset, and reverting it back to the included ROM version.

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