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    Okay I was putting some music on a buddies sd card using a printers card reader and all of the sudden all of his personal folders under the pics&videos are gone and he doesn't have access to his pics. Now using Explorer I do see that the pics are still on his card he just lost all of his personal folders. Does anyone know what file or files on the treo hold that configuration? He has a recent backup but since it isn't within the last couple days we just want to find the specific files so that we can just restore those and not the whole backup.

    Thanks in advanced.
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    Normally the sub-folders are under the DCIM folder on the card. You are better off using a standard card reader. The one on my printer bites.

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    okay yeah im an *****.. I didn't even think of that.. I wonder why/how it deleted all the folders on the card but didn't touch the files themselves.. weird.. lucky but weird lol

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