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    I am going to be part of a roundtable discussion, and they are asking for people to bring audio recorders.

    If I bought third party recording software, is the 700p up to the task?

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    Try callrec 5.1 it also acts as a voice recorder.. I have found that it picks up really well on the 700p I would install the trial and test record some stuff to see if it will work for you.
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    Make sure you have a fast SD Card when using recording software. Slower SD cards tend to have long dropouts in the recording if you use >8000 bit sampling rates. Turning on compression does help.

    I would vouch for CallRec5.x!

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    I use CallRec 5 as well. I am routinely interviewed by lawyers, and having my 700p with CallRec with me means I can always have my own copy of the interview if needed.
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