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    hi all, new here with the recent acquisition of my 680. someone gave the phone to me recently, as they found it somewhere without a battery. anyways, bought a battery for it and turned it on. problem i'm having was that touch screen was working, but none of the buttons seemed to work. i thought that maybe it's broken, but when touch screen blanks out after a minute or so of no use, if i press the "home" key for example, the screen will actually turn on to the home menu. or if the screen blanks out, i can press the "power" button, and the screen will just turn on to the same screen as before. this leads me to believe that the keypad is not broken, but might be set to disable when touch screen is on. i've tried loooking all over the phone, but can't find a place that has this!
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    ok, update on my didn't have an SD card and i wanted to use a picture for my wallpaper, so i decide to use my camera SD card. as soon as i put it in, all my buttons started working! i took out the card, put an mp3 file on it, put it back into my treo, and buttons not working again! so obviously buttons aren't broken and it's not some sort of setting that prevents the keyboard from working when touchscreen is on, so what could it be??? anyone???

    i've tried taking out the SD card again and putting it back in, but keyboard still doesn't work....
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    Your Treo has a hardware problem, or the phone is LOCKED. You should hard reset it anyway, start fresh.

    Soft reset holding the power button. Wait until the Palm logo shows for a while after the progress bar finishes. Let go of the power button, then answer the question Yes.

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