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probably because there really isn't a very good quality speed test for mobile phones. Dsl reports but I don't believe that its very accurate. The iphone is only a toy. It barely performs the most basic funtions. Yes the screen is nice having wifi is nice but really in the end it comes down to what you need... I need email that works with EAS, I need to be able to view and make corrections on word docs, VPN, all things the iphone doesn't have. The iphone does music and (even on wifi wasn't impressed) full screen browser. Even google maps is horrrrrrribly slow to the point of just waiting to get to a real computer to search for something. I wasn't even slightly impressed when I checked out a friends 8gb iphone.
The biggest problem with GPRS/EDGE, is the latency. (1xRTT and EV-DO haw much lower latency).

As an example, I have seen round trip ping times of close to 1 second (~800+ millisecond) on Cingular's network. (Apparently this is a combination of protocol limitation's and AT&T's implementation of their network).

With the CDMA based protocols the round trip times are typically a third of what you see on EDGE. (200-300 milliseconds)

This means when you type a URL in on EDGE, it will take one second for the html page text to start to come back. Then as the browser scans the text for embedded objects, it will then send additional html requests that have a close to one second RTT (Round trip time) So you can see how latency has a huge impact on percieved browser responsiveness.

Note: This is why you percieved responsiveness from going from 1xRTT to EVDO doesn't seem that great. The difference between the two is throughput.