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    Quote Originally Posted by soupist View Post
    You can't make this stuff up....
    No kidding... Talk about pathetic.
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    I am so done with Palm. The company must be run by a bunch of monkeys on acid. I mean, how incompetent can they be? First they release a buggy OS, then they release 1.10 which turns hundreds, if not thousands of 700p units into bricks, then they send out an e-mail saying we've fixed our bad MR, but the link to the fix is dead and Palm says, "oops, the e-mail was a mistake."

    As one other poster put it, you can't make this stuff up. After years of owning Palm devices, I'm done.

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    Want to hear one better than that? I think Palm has **already** put on the fix in the recently manufactured Treo 700p's and just hasn't told anybody. After going through some refurbs, Verizon sent me a brand new one in the box and it works fine. No data problems at all since I've had it -- a couple weeks. It says Software: Treo700p-1.10-VZW but I'm convinced it is actually 1.10.98 or something like that. More entertainment in the Treo circus...
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    Palm tree,

    The latest "modified" date I could find on a ROM file in my 700P with 1.10 is
    Modified: 4/24/07 at 9:16 am.

    Maybe this could give us clue.
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