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    my 700p crashes when doing a search. It successfully completes the search through contacts and various applications, but after it starts searching the calendar, it crashes. It will get through a screen or so of calendar results, but then crashes. the error code is:

    "...while running calandar" StringMgr.c, Line:367, string too long (>64k)

    any ideas?

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    Calendar DB is corrupt. Download dbScan, run it, repair it. It can be found at

    Probably some kind of corrupt re-occurring even that is causing it.
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    that was it. It showed many errors in the calendar, however they were not corrupted in outlook. So I backed up my plam folder, changed the conduit on Outlook to have desktop overwrites handheld. this corrected all of the corrupt calendar entries. don't know what caused it, but I'm good now.

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