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    I have a couple of Treo 650 styli listed on eBay (no, this isn't an advertisement of them). I had someone ask if this will work with a Verizon 650. I don't see why not, but he said he bought some from someone saying it would work, and it didn't, that it was hitting the inside of his battery cover.

    I just wanted to get y'all's expert opinion on this. I know it works with my 700p, and I'm pretty sure it will work with his, but just wanted to be sure.
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    There is no difference between them. You can see where the stylus fits by removing the battery cover. I'll bet the other person had a guide or something broken on his Treo.
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    Thanks, I had told him that the pen stylus I bought from Palm didn't have any carrier specifications and that the guy that sold him the last one probably had one for a different model phone. He said it wasn't OEM. He has bought it, and I'll be shipping it out tomorrow...hopefully with no problems.

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