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    I am looking for an expert/consultant to help me make better use of my 650. I know I haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do beyond basic functions and I am particularly interested in recommendations for what to use on my PC as a PIM with it. I have found that the Palm software is not robust enough and I don't care for Outlook either so I am still hanging on to my Ecco 4.0 (ten years old!) which has prevented me from synching it with the Treo. I will gladly pay a reasonable rate for this. Thanks
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    What goal are you attempting to reach with your device? As for robust software, that is not necessarily so. There is software available for the Palm OS to accomplish almost any task.

    Why pay for it when a few moments of thought toward a goal and a few questions will get you there.

    I have a Treo 650 and 700p and soon another one, though I am not sure which it will be. My 700p is used primarily for work and when I am not working, as an ereader. I also have Epocrates installed due to a family situation. In the work world I use it for email (ChatterEMail), document work (Documents to Go - the Word and Excel functions) and for general data collection (HanDBase). Each of these applications are full featured.

    With ChatterEmail I receive email faster than my Blackberry equipped co-workers. With DTG, I can send bunches of things and no one has to worry about my hand writing. With HanDBase I can track bunches and bunches of things.

    So, think about what you want accomplish and that does not require a paid person.


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