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    What is the easiest way of using MP3's as ringtone, or to copy/move .wav files to the system sound folder? I'd like to make my own ringtones and alerts and alarms sounds and use them on my treo. MP3's would be cool but WAV would do also.

    Do I need a special software to do it or a file manager/browser will let me copy the files where they need to be and use them as system sounds?

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    Well a quick SEARCH of forums would of found minitones (free application) this will allow you to trim & add mp3 files to your Treo for use as ringtones & alarm sounds - and it works rather well.

    There are more comprehensive ringtone managers out there if you desire them (Ringo, Lightwav, Ringcare Mobile etc).
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    Aiight thanks, sorry for not searching
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    I tried out phone technician but was pretty disappointed when I found that you can use Mp3 ringtones but it's a one size fits all solution. You can set a single ringtone for all callers which disables all personalized ringtones.

    I ended up going with musictones and am very happy with the results of the program.
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    Windows users might want to try out Audacity (opensource) to merge/split audiotracks, including sounds you recorded e.g. with Callrec.
    I did a post on custom ringtones in my blog and someone commented she has this on her Treo:

    My son calls, it rings in his own voice:
    “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mother. Mom. Mommmm…”

    I use Call Block MP3 Edition as my all in one Call filter and MP3 ringtone manager.
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    I second Call Block MP3 Edition - it's stable on my 680 and blocks unwanted calls too!

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