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    I can barely ear anything even with the volume set to the maximum on my treo 680.

    Is this a common issue? I read people use Volumecare, is it worth the 15~20$ it sells for? Will it really solve the problem?

    I will get it if I have to, but I'd rather spend that money elsewhere.
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    I use VolumeCare Pro and while there is some improvement, its nowhere near the 'up to 250%' the website suggests. Well, its either that or the Treo's default of 'barely audible' increases 250% to 'almost audible'....

    And there appears to be no real improvement in the Speakerphone either, and this is reported on this and other Forums.

    Any sort of ambient sound wreaks havoc with the ability to hear on the Treo, VolumeCare or no.

    It is a common issue and has to come back to Palm in the final analysis, but GoTreo Software needs to be a bit more forthcoming on the improvements their software actually achieves, too.
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    There's a bug on the 680 that translates to a problem with VCP. Sometimes when a call comes in or out the volume and boost start at 0... it is related to coming off speaker phone or the famous still in BT mode bug on the 680.

    Jeff Gibson of Go Treo is aware and they are working on it.
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    ok thanks, I guess I'll try it anyway because right now it's a PITA
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    VolumeCare did help my phone, but the speakerphone I believe is beyond help.

    For some reason if I use pTunes to play a song, I can play it loud and it sounds clear. But on a call it seems as if some sort of restriction comes in to lower the sound from the other end regardless of how high I've turned on the volume.

    To me it doesn't make sense why the volume in these two areas are set up differently (if that is even the case).

    You can do a free trial with VolumeCare, so I'd at least give it a shot. I tried the other popular volume program too, but it didn't work as well (you may want to try that one too).

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