I broke the screen on my 680 last week. Long story short: On a camping trip with 680 in the pocket of my shorts. While trying to put on those shorts while hunched over in a tent I stumbled and stepped on it. Ooops.

I knew that Palm would repair it for $200 or less, but based on past experience I knew it would take several days. I googled around for quicker options and found PDASmart.com. $120 for the new screen assembly, or $10 more for them to install it. That part was a no-brainer--I'm sure I could fix it, but for $10 more why bother? They had a $24 option for overnight return shipping, which I chose also. Payment was simple, via PayPal. $154.00. As soon as I placed the repair order, I received a detailed email with packaging suggestions plus instructions to print out my order confirmation and put it in the box.

I boxed and shipped it overnight, dropping it off at 3pm on Monday. Tuesday morning, they emailed me saying "we have your device". 6 hours later, I got another email with a UPS Overnight tracking #....repair was already complete!! I had my perfect 680 back in my hands Wednesday morning at 10am. It feels tight and right.

I have nothing but good things to say about the quick expert service I received from PDASmart.com. I have no affiliation with them at all...I'm just a very satisfied customer.