I did a quickie Search on this but didn't appear to have much success -

So, I'm running Vista Home Premium and then installed the Palm Desktop that came on my 680's CD. It acknowledged the 680 with no problem and then later, acknowledged my 'old' TX and Hotsyncs both with no problems.

I know that Quick Install doesn't work on Vista, but I've had no problem installing on my 680 via the Install Tool (right click > Send to..> Palm Powered Handheld). However, I have noted that the Quick Install dialog box, though it has a dropdown list - one assumes to choose between devices - it only lists my 680's user account and not the TX's, so I've been unable to install on the TX by this method. I've found a workaround involving the SD card, but is there some way of getting the Install Tool to 'see' the TX's user account?

Also, as a slight postscript - while as noted above my Desktop has no problem syncing both device accounts (obviously in separate Desktops) I'm not sure I've been able to find where the TX's Backup is. The Palm Folder in Program Files shows a folder named after a part of my 680 with backup info in it, but I don't see a separate folder for the TX's account.


Thanks all!