I recently bought a used unlocked Cingular Treo 650 from Ebay. No problem getting it to work with my Rogers service in Canada. However I'm having this problem where after a period of non-activity, say about 30 mins or so, an attempt to activate the screen (pressing the pwr button followed by a press of the centre button to unlock the keypad) will sometimes cause the phone to reset on its own and start a network search although the green reception lamp was flashing during the stand-by mode. Some other times the screen will just freeze up (green signal still flashing) requiring a manual soft reset to unfreeze and start network search all over again. Either way I do get to use the phone eventually but its very bothersome and not to mention, time-wasting. The 'Phone Info' Software reads: Treo650-1b.17-CNG and therefore I believe has the software upgrade as recommended by Palm.
Any help to remove this problem would be much appreciated.
Thanks very much.